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ARTREE - What it is and How to



ARTREE is a program designed in 1984 to provide an avenue for local artists to teach the visual and performing arts as the subject matter as well as to enhance all classroom curriculum with the arts. Through ARTREE’s catalog, schools can find a variety of artists and groups from throughout the area to deliver everything for single workshops in a classroom to artistic residencies as well as performances for larger groups of students. Directed by a committee of the Merced County Art Council, Inc., ARTREE’s purpose is to stimulate creativity, broaden experiences and excite curiosity in the arts.

ARTREE workshops and performances are designed to encourage participation and problem-solving and challenge the student to develop personal solutions to the arts problem at hand.

ARTREE serves public and private schools in Merced County providing workshops, demonstrations, performances and teacher in services by selected professional artists in dance, drama, music, and the literary and visual arts.

In 1984, ARTREE was the result of a long-term study and development by a committee of school administrators, teachers, artist and parents. ARTREE represented the first broad-based effort in the county to enrich the arts experiences of children. The project has been adopted as one facet of arts education within participating schools.

The concept of ARTREE was developed out of a commitment to the philosophy that art is a vital component of education. Involvement in the arts is fundamental to our mental, social and physical development.


For further information, please contact:

Merced County Arts Council, Inc.
Merced Multicultural Arts Center
645 W. Main Street
Merced, Ca 95340
Phone: (209)388-1090 Ext. 13
Office Hours: 8a.m.-4p.m. Tuesday-Friday
Email: education@artsmerced.org


ARTREE Artists Are Flexible!

The ARTREE catalog has been designed with flexibility in mind. Teachers are encouraged to work with the Education Director and ARTREE artists to develop programs that will meet the artistic, curricular and developmental needs of your students.
Do you need help with a performance? Are you interested in an artist-in-residence program? ARTREE has the answers to these and other questions.
Most ARTREE artists are multi-talented, as well as flexible, and are able to do other activities besides what is listed in the catalog. Artists can teach workshops as described in the catalog, but they can also modify any workshop to meet your particular curricular need or to enhance your curriculum. They can also be contracted for long term residencies. Because of the limitations of space, it is not possible to list all of their talents and areas of expertise. If you have a special request for an activity or artist, then please let us know and we will try to accommodate.
Suggestions are always welcome for program ideas and new artist inclusions.


Downtown Public Art Tours and Field Trips

Field trips to the Merced Multicultural Arts Center are available for school groups, and ARTREE workshops at the art center can be scheduled in conjunction with a tour of the exhibits as well as a Downtown Public Art Tour. For more information about workshops, performances and other programs at the art center, please email education@artsmerced.org or call (209) 388-1090 Ext. 13


Merced County Arts Council, Inc.

645 W. Main Street
Merced, CA 95340


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