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Policies & Procedures


Select a workshop that enhance your classroom curriculum or call the ARTREE coordinator for suggestions.

Coordinate your request with other teachers, if possible, with the help of your school’s ARTREE Contact Person.

Contact your school’s ARTREE Contact Person or Principal to make sure your school has issued a purchase order to ARTREE to cover the cost of ARTREE workshops for the school year, or arrange for a purchase order for your individual workshop(s).

Deduct the amount of the request from your school’s budget.

Submit an ARTREE request by email to education@artsmerced.org or mcarts@artsmerced.org or call Kathy Hansen or Bo Petty at the Arts Center Tuesday through Friday, 9 – 4. The request may also be brought to the Arts Council office, ARTREE 645 W. Main St. Merced, CA 95340. A request should include the artist or arts discipline that is desired, the grade level or levels, and the planned number of days (approximate). We will connect you with the artist to begin more detailed planning.

Call or email the artist to confirm the dates and time and to arrange a phone or in-person orientation. You may call the artist to check on availability before submitting the Request Form, however, the activity is not considered confirmed until the artist calls ARTREE to finalize the dates and times.

Meet or Talk with your artist for an orientation.

Introduce the background and accomplishments of your artist to your class prior to the workshop or performance.

Enjoy a delightful experience in the arts with your students.

Complete the evaluation following the workshop and direct it back to ARTREE.

Artists will be scheduled on a first-come first-served basis.


If you would like a suggestion …

If you would like suggestions for ARTREE programming in your classroom (i.e. artists most appropriate for your grade level or ideas for complementing curriculum), please call or email ARTREE at (209)388-1090 Ext. 13 or education@artsmerced.org


Workshop and Performance Information

Workshop Fees
Each workshop session of 45 min. – 1 hour will cost $40 plus materials.
Artists receive $30 per one hour session and there is an administrative fee of $10 per hour.
A ½ hour orientation before the first workshop is strongly advised. Orientations are usually charged at $15 for ½ hour. There is no administrative fee for the orientation. Fees for materials not provided by the schools are charged as agreed upon by the requesting school during the orientation with the artist.

Performance Fees
Performance fees are set by the performers. The administrative fee is an additional 10% added to the total cost of the performance. There is no orientation fee for performances.

The teacher and the artist must make contact by phone or email prior to the first workshop to confirm the program dates and times, as well as plan for the workshop. The purpose of the orientation is to make the ARTREE workshop as meaningful as possible for the teacher and students. This is the time to discuss:

• Workshop objectives
• Teacher/artist expectations
• Pre-and post-workshop activities to enhance the workshop
• Curriculum tie-ins
• Children with special needs
• Students’ previous Art experience
• Materials needed/material cost
• Classroom preparation

The orientation offers the teacher and the artist time to individualize the ARTREE workshop to meet the specific needs of each class. Please check with the artist to see if an orientation is required prior to any subsequent classroom visits.

The materials costs are usually listed for each workshop are listed in the catalog. The actual cost of materials may be less than the amount listed in the catalog, depending on the availability of items within the school or donations.

Schools / school districts are responsible for paying the Merced County Arts Council upon receiving an invoice from the Arts Council and within 30 days of completion of each workshop, according to the fees agreed upon by the school and the Arts Council. Artists are not paid until payment is received by ARTREE.

Each school site is encouraged to designate an “ARTREE Contact Person” who could be responsible for coordinating workshops and maintaining a master schedule within the school.

Teacher Participation
ARTREE is designed to broaden the arts experiences of teachers as well as students. The ARTREE artist is placed in the classroom as a “Master Artist” in their discipline. We hope that teachers will enhance and increase fine arts curriculum in their classrooms as a result of the ARTREE program. Artist workshops will give teachers an opportunity to increase their skills in the arts.

Important Notes

Teachers are expected to be actives participants in their classrooms during workshops. The teacher’s involvement will undoubtedly encourage student interest.
Please do not schedule a workshop at a time when a substitute will be in the classroom.

The ARTREE artist has the option of cancelling and/or rescheduling the workshop in advance or on-site if a substitute is present.

  • ALL requests and scheduling of ARTREE programs MUST be processed through the central ARTREE office, as well as any changes or cancellations.
  • ARTREE reserves the right to cancel workshops, performances or participation in the program if procedures are not in accordance with ARTREE policy and philosophy.
  • Teachers are to remain in the classroom the entire time that the ARTREE artist is in the classroom. The purpose of the ARTREE program is to provide teachers with the services of an experienced artist. This is with the expectation that the teacher will be able to learn and expand their feature lesson plans to include the Arts.
  • Please DO NOT combine classes for workshops that are listed for only one class (1 class= 1 teacher’s class). Student benefits from the smaller class size by receiving more individual attention, and the artist is better able to teach the workshop when the size of the group is more manageable.
  • Artist must be requested for a minimum of 2 consecutive hours per day if traveling more than 10 miles for a requested activity. Artists are free to negotiate with schools for additional compensation for those breaks over 30 minutes (not including lunch or recess).


How ARTREE Artists Are Selected

Potential artists are initially screened through an application which requests educational background, experience working with children, work history and references, and contains questions about the applicant’s viewpoints concerning arts education. Qualified applicants are invited to interview with the Education Coordinator and other members of the committee.

New ARTREE Artists are introduced to the VAPA Standards and develop workshops appropriate to the artist’s expertise and classroom needs. New artists may participate in several workshops with more experienced artists for training purposes before conducting their own workshops.


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